Cytoplasmic inclusion

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A cytoplasmic inclusion is a non-living substance, usually a macromolecule or cluster of macromolecules, that is suspended inside the cytoplasm of the cell. Examples include stored nutrients and energy sources, secretory products, and pigment granules.


Item Value
Type of organisms whose cells contain cytoplasmic inclusions All types of organisms
Type of cells within these organisms that contain cytoplasmic inclusions Most cells. The types of cytoplasmic inclusions depend on the type of cell and the environment of the cell.
Number of cytoplasmic inclusions per cell Variable, depending on the type of cell and the environment/history of the cell
Size Variable
Location within cell Could be anywhere in the cytoplasmg
Structural components Depends on the inclusion
Chemical constituents Depends on the inclusion
Function These inclusions may get picked up by various organelles, such as the mitochondrion or lysosome, for some purpose.